The Smartest Thing Kim Kardashian Did

When you think of the Kardashian family, what is the first thing that comes to mind? They are stupid rich. They have so much money, they seriously don’t know what to do with it. The next thing that comes to mind is the fact that they truly didn’t do a whole lot for all of that dough.

People like Kim Kardashian stay rich because they’re smart about what they do with their fame. Well, maybe Kim Kardashian isn’t the smart one, but the people making decisions for her are.

They know that teaming up with other companies to market a product would create bucko bucks. I’ll stick with the Kardashian family reference.

The Kardashians found fame after they starred in an average reality show following them around doing nonsense. This rise to fame did not require any talent, but what the Kardashians did next did.

The Kardashians have built an empire consisting of everything from cookbooks to weight loss products to an extensive clothing lines for kids and adults. But the product that made the Kardashian clan $43.4 million is none of the above.

It’s the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood app game.

Some of you could be thinking, gaming and Kim Kardashian? What’s the connection there? But this move was actually one of the smartest moves of Kim’s career.

Gaming is the biggest sector of apps and pulls in an insane amount of revenue. Combining this with Kim Kardashian’s sheer celebrity status equals an insane amount of money. It’s truly the perfect match.

The app is free to download but offers features that you have to pay for if you want once the game is active. It had been downloaded from the app store a whopping 22,857,239 as of last November. Even more shocking, it has been been played for a total of 5.7 billion minutes.

That is insane.

You might be thinking that only crazy people would seriously use this game, let alone spend their real life money on it. From firsthand experience, I’m here to tell you you’re so wrong.

My best friend Sarah is a pre­med major and is one of the smartest persons I know. She has gotten straight A’s every single semester and is an anatomy tutor. She’s intelligent, successful and has plenty of responsibilities in her day to day life.

Does Sara sound like someone who would spend hours each week on the Kim Kardashian game? No, but she does and even is one of those crazies who spends money on the features.

Buzzfeed offered an article listing relevant and successful people who use the game, how much they’ve spent on it, and why they do it.

A reporter at the New York Times admitted that she spent $15 on the app so she could get the hairstyles she wanted for her character.

A successful author spent $40 because she got bored and drunk and wanted to have her character go to more photo shoots.

My point is, the people playing this game are not all 14 ­year­ old girls who don’t know any better.

Other celebs are catching on to the game’s success and are starting their own. Kim’s game creators are now making one for Britney Spears with the hopes that she will hit the jackpot like Kim did.

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