How to hook up with locals fast

Every now and then we all need a little somethin’ to tide us over and make everything right again. And by “somethin’” I mean sex.

We all need it, and we’ve all had a time where we wanted it but had no way of getting it, and none of us want to go through t hat a gain.

If relationships aren’t your cup of tea or you just got out of one, or even if you’re loving the single life but want to get down, you can hookup with people in your area rather simply.

There’s a couple ways you can go about it: either download an app or two, or do it the old fashioned way and meet people IRL (In Real Life for those of you who aren’t as plugged in as the rest of us).

If apps are more your thing, there’s a couple you can give a try (one of which you might have on your phone).

First off we have Pure; this app is literally meant for finding someone for you to hookup with in your area.

This app is wants to help you find someone to hookup with, and do it under the radar, which isn’t so easy these days. No logins via Facebook or anything­ don’t worry, your identity is safe here.

The cool/sucky thing is that your profile is only visible for an hour at a time. Pure wants to help you hook up with someone right now.

When you sign up you get five free passes which display your profile to other users for an hour. If one person likes you, your profile is no longer visible to others until you use another one of your passes.

Since you can only be seen for an hour at a time, you could come up empty handed once you use your five passes, and if you want more you have to buy them.

It works best in cities, as there’s more people and thus higher chances that someone near you has Pure as well. Just remember to wrap it before you tap it.

Tinder is another option, and the one we’re all familiar with. It’s supposedly a dating app, but we all know that that’s usually not how it goes.

If you use it right, and you’re not a disgusting perv, then you can find someone to hookup with pretty easily.

Since there’s a lot of people using the app, differentiating yourself isn’t easy but it can help you out a lot and capture the attention of other users.

But here’s the IRL stuff; you know, the stuff your parents had to deal with when they were our age. Bars, concerts, clubs, parties, and the like.

Each of these places has plenty of people, so the pickings aren’t too slim, but you have to rely on your intuition rather than seeing a profile and details floating above people’s heads (I really hope that’s never a thing).

If you really want to hookup with people, you gotta get out there. Go out to bars with friends, see a concert, or go to a party.

The more you expose yourself to other people, the more likely you are to meet someone who’s down to hookup with you.

If you go to a party, go up to people you don’t know and introduce yourself. If you see a girl and go up to her and find she’s not interested or isn’t single, she will have a friend or two with her who you can chat up as well.

The key is to emanate confidence; it looks good on everyone and no one wants to go home with someone who can’t even act like they want to be there.

Finding someone to hookup with the old way isn’t easy, but it’s done all the time. For some reason alcohol and people equals lots of sex, so stick to places where people are turning up.

But they key here is to be confident in yourself; don’t think about how you won’t get to hookup with that girl, but rather how you w ill hookup with her.

Give them physical cues that you’re into them, such as the touch on a hand or on the small of their back, if you’re walking through a crowd together. That shows her that you’re there for protection if needed and that you’re confident enough in yourself to assume that role.

Most important is to be yourself and show them your best characteristics; not blatantly, but in a sort of sly way, like you’re giving off a vibe that shows you’re confident or into her.

Last thing­ don’t be a dick. If she’s not into you, leave her the hell alone.

If you get denied, just move on to the next girl rather than create a problem or do something really stupid. Be a decent human being and take the girl home that actually wants to go home with you.  And if picking up someone at a bar isn’t your thing, you can always use which makes in fun, fast, and free to get a date tonight.