Does Tinder Make You Shallow?

Many millennials, millions in fact, have downloaded Tinder. Some are looking for new friends, some for a relationship, and some for casual sex.

If you’re unfamiliar with it or have never downloaded it to your smartphone, it is essentially a dating app. You sign in via Facebook, and are given a list of people with whom you can like or pass on. Swipe left to pass, and swipe right to like them. If you like someone’s profile and they also like yours, you are matched and can begin messaging one another.

Tinder profiles don’t give you much information to go on, which seems to encourage messaging people you’ve matched with. They just have a few photos, a tagline, and that’s about it.

When using the app it suggests people based off your location, and you can change the settings to get more suggestions by increasing the mileage the app searches. You can also have it search for people within a certain age, so you can comb through users easier.

A lot of people who use the sex app aren’t really looking for much more than casual sex or a short term relationship. It’s not the best app for looking for the love of your life, although there have been some people who did.

If you’re a girl, you’re going to have to wade through a bunch of creepy and weird messages full of awful pickup lines. To avoid this, I’d recommend swiping right only frequently.

Guys will swipe right so much that eventually they’ll have multiple matches. This is going to provide them with plenty of practice with talking to girls, but they don’t always learn from their mistakes.

Does using Tinder make you shallow? Well, you are judging people pretty much solely off their appearance, as there isn’t a very detailed profile to get a real idea about someone.

Your profile is meant to give someone a general idea about you, and if you match this encourages interaction to learn more about you.

At a glance, Tinder seems to be rather shallow, but if you use it you’ll find that it is not. It may seem like a hookup app, it does encourage communication more than other dating apps simply because it doesn’t give you a lot of details about people who use the app.

If you use Tinder just for sex and then never talk to the person again, then you’re using it in a shallow way. People who use it for a bit more than casual sex are using it in a genuine way, learning a bit about people they match with.

Tinder may appear to be shallow, but it is really up to the individual’s intentions. Casual sex is meant to be casual, and knowing a lot about each other isn’t the point. It’s casual sex for a reason. Tinder isn’t shallow, but the people who use it can be.

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